Writing Dissertation Introduction in 11 Easy Steps

Are you almost writing your dissertation? Well, like any other academic paper, a dissertation too has different sections in which the writer has to present the context of the sections in a clear manner. Therefore, this guide focuses on dissertation introduction because an introduction plays a significant role in making your dissertation stand out.

Things to note when writing dissertation introduction

Before we expound on how to write a dissertation introduction, you should note the following details:

How long should a dissertation introduction be?

In dissertation writing, every topic or subject context is unique, with varied requirements. Therefore, how long or how short the dissertation should depend on the basics of the requirements of the topic and the nature of the research.

Details to include when writing introduction for dissertation

When writing the dissertation introduction, make sure you include the hook, highlight the problem of your research, a thesis statement, background on the topic, and an overall overview of the whole paper.

How to write a good dissertation introduction: 11 steps to follow

Before you begin writing the dissertation introduction, you should understand how to start a dissertation introduction and how to conclude the introduction. Therefore, make sure you follow the steps below to come up with a compelling introduction:

1. Define the purpose of the introduction

Start by understanding the purpose of the dissertation introduction to understanding how to structure the intro to bring out meaningful content based on the subject matter of your topic.

2. Hook the reader

Once you understand the purpose of your dissertation introduction, figure out the best technique to use as a way of captivating the reader’s interest in your paper. It is here you can apply a quote, a question, or a statement that aligns with your topic.

3. Introduce the background to the study

Here, you simply describe the context of your project to the reader in detail.

4. State the research questions, objectives, & aims

Next, the reader will need to know the purpose of your research. Therefore, highlight the objectives you want to achieve after doing the research.

5. The research significance

Next, you need to explain to the reader the need to do the research. Why I the topic interesting? What impact will it bring to the world at large? The reader needs to know all these details in the dissertation introduction.

6. Research limitations

Like any other project, you can be sure to encounter several limitations when doing the research. Therefore, include the possible limitations you are likely to encounter when doing the research.

7. The structure

Now, you need to draft a structure or outline that will guide the reader on what to expect throughout your paper. The structure does not only orient the reader but also helps the writer to include all the significant details in the research paper.

8. Writing the dissertation introduction

At this point, you have everything you need for your paper. You can now write a clean introduction for submission.

9. Proofreading

Check for possible typos and errors once you’ve drafted your dissertation introduction.

10. Formatting

Based on the provided dissertation introduction template or structure, you need to format your paper appropriately to ensure your dissertation introduction meets the set criteria.

11. Add references

Finally, every academic paper requires appropriate referencing based on the tutor’s or institute’s guidelines. Therefore, make sure you reference your dissertation introduction to make it complete.  

Pro tips for writing dissertation introduction

The following pro tips will help you when you feel stuck when writing your dissertation introduction:

  • Come up with a compelling hook

When writing a dissertation introduction, you can have all the context you need but don’t know how to begin the writing process. In such a scenario, simply figure out a hook that will match your subject and start the writing process with the hook.

  • Review a dissertation introduction example

You will find many dissertation papers from online platforms, libraries, and other learning resource centers. Be sure to check the best papers to gain your dissertation introduction from it.


There is no doubt that as you advance your career, you will have to write a dissertation at some point. Writing the best dissertation introduction is the key to making your dissertation paper appealing. Using this guide to write a compelling intro for your next dissertation.

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