Why Get a PhD: Discover the Benefits of Pursuing a Research Degree

Why should I get a PhD? This is a common question many graduates ask themselves after completing the university. While some feel like they have had enough of books and research projects and want to focus on the real world after studying, some feel like they should spend some more years in school doing a degree. However, if you feel like you want to start building your professional networks in the real world while doing your PhD, you can achieve all these as well. All you need is to plan your schedules well, have enough resources, and everything else will fall into place.

Therefore, if a question of why get a phd has been your top concern, keep reading this guide to explore the reasons to get a PhD.

What is the purpose of a PhD?

Should I get my PhD, especially now that everything takes place from online platforms? Apart from filling up my cv, will the PhD help me in any other way?

These, among many others, are questions of concern since most companies are opting for talent over qualifications. Although talent can out rule qualifications in some instances, this doesn’t render a PhD meaningless.

A PhD will not only help fill your cv, but help you continue research in the field that you love the most, thus increasing your knowledge base on the subject or context matter.

Do you need a PhD todo research?

While having a PhD makes a person more knowledgeable on a given subject matter, it isn’t a basic requirement to do research. As long as the researcher has adequate knowledge and holds a degree in a given subject, they can conduct the research.

Reasons to pursue a PhD

To answer a why get a PhD question, let’s highlight the top PhD benefits below, and you will understand how a PhD is important in a person’s career life.

  • You will become an expert

As you undertake your PhD program, it means you will explore the more complex topics in your field of interest, prompting you to do extensive research, which will then improve your knowledge base.

Besides, doing a PhD will give you a chance to learn and explore things that interest you, thus adding a significant contribution to the specific research field.

Again, as you gain more knowledge, you will learn how to overcome challenges and know how to approach any challenge when doing your research.

  • Creating a network of professionals

When doing your PhD, you will meet peers who have similar interests as you. In the process, you can exchange positive ideas on how to make the research process easy and bearable. Besides, you will get many opportunities to make your life better.

What’s more, you will have an opportunity to attend seminars, travel the world, and attend conferences and workshops. In the process, you will gain useful insights while building professional connections.

  • Boost your career

One of the top benefits of doing a PhD is becoming an expert in what you do. As a PhD holder, you are likely to get top consideration for a job at a university. The interesting part is that you can be working to earn while your PhD is still in place. Besides, some jobs have a basic PhD requirement to get a chance. Therefore, getting a PhD will increase your chances of elevating your career.


Are you torn between pursuing a PhD or not? Well, as long as you have adequate resources, and time, and are in a position, never miss a chance to undertake your PhD because the action comes with lots of benefits to admire.

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